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December 2022 The time seems right to write about Mozart`s Requiem, as there have been several performances recently and some

  From a talk to the University of the Third Age on Baroque music Mozart was a great admirer of

… but not ’Music Therapy’ which is a procedure used by “music therapists” This comes in three parts Part A. 

Early trail bikes The Honda XL125 suited me fine probably because it was light and nimble and was such a

Learning to ski At school I was absolutely useless at football, cricket and indeed all ball games but I always

Kayaking on rivers I have done a great deal of Kayaking in rapids in white water rivers Warfe Nidd, Swale

Sample files from my Vistamusic program. Click on the small triangles to play. 01 Spoken – Schumann’s Traumerei 02 Traumerei

The vibro acoustic chair is a comfortable reclining chair with built in vibro acoustic units. The mounting of the units

NOMENCLATURE It is very important that we do not insult the people we are trying to help. Deaf people do

VISTA MUSIC This is software I developed standing for visual and tactile music. This is the name I gave to